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Oyez is a real time marketing platform that allows you to send details on offers, rewards, events and much more to Oyez app users as the pass your location.


Users of the Oyez app receive a message matching their interests as they pass your location. Allowing them to instantly take advantage of your offers. This helps in real time to build your business.


Oyez couldn't be easier for retailers to connect with new and current customers. Using our marketing platform you can create and schedule campaigns based on your business needs. It's so simple you can instantly change your messages at anytime, you are in total control.


Users of the Oyez app enter their basic demographic data and define their interests. When you send a message that matches their profile they receive your message.  This way you know interested and willing users are receiving your messages. 


To ensure users are not over messaged they will only receive a particular message once within a two-week period, no matter how many times they pass your store or enter your location. Each message your create has a unique ID so when you update your message or schedule with a new message they will receive that new message the next time they enter your region. 


It is important you manage your messages carefully and make them attractive and interesting without over messaging your customers.  We have a strict no Spam/boring message policy. Interesting, creative great offers only.  Remember the user can block you if they find your message boring!


Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth Beacons are a low power Bluetooth message transmitters.  


The Oyez beacons have an approximate 50m delivery/monitoring radius.  For a small additional fee we will send you a beacon to be placed in your store. We use these beacons to track your customers' movements and provide you with in-depth analysis reports so you can measure the success of your campaigns via your personal dashboard.


Over time we will continue to improve the reports and offer additional functionality

Oyez Prime Location Shop*

To help message a larger audience in prime locations within your city we have created The Oyez shop where you can buy addition beacons or Oyez Prime Locations.


Oyez Prime Locations are much larger Geo fence locations strategically placed within your city/location to capture larger audiences or high traffic locations like shopping malls, MTR and bus station. This is a very useful service for customers who want to attract customers outside their normal GEO fence or online business, brands who want to promote new products or services. The opportunities are huge!


*Coming Soon

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